A look at Growler on Stone Street reveals more similarities than differences: Review

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​There’s very little that​ separates ​any of the Stone Street pub from the others, and Growler is a case in point.

Located on the most famous street in the Financial District, Growler ​is one of many post-work hot spots full of finance bros​. ​It offer​s​ ​a ton of​ mostly subpar snack finger foods​,​ like hush puppies and fried pickles​,​ as well as a​ surprisingly​ nice selection of cocktails on tap​. But t​his isn’t a cocktail bar by any means — it’s called Growler after all.

​The ​Whisky Smash, ​which will cost you ​$13, ​is a​ healthy mix of bourbon, mint, branca menta, lemon and seltzer. ​For $14, the Mayflower, made by lovely bartender Gabby, contains ​E​lijah ​C​raig bourbon, blueberries, lemon and Allagash White.

While I appreciated of the creativity in this low-key tavern, both cocktails tasted too sweet for my liking, and neither were very strong. So if you’re looking for something to really take the edge off after a long shift, this might not be the best place for you. I should have had a draft.


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My experience was mostly marred, however, by some very rude businessmen who stole my menu when I finally found an open spot at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. Luckily, Gabby came to my rescue and instantly retrieved it from them.

Aside from this incident, the rest of the bar was full of lively patrons looking to put their feet up after a long day of work. And the bar staff was something to write home about. Gabby and Margaret were attentive, charming and honest. Serving up smiles with no complaints whatsoever at the rowdy crowd, these bartenders make everyone feel right at home.

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Growler Bar and Bites definitely achieved the old-timey tavern feel one may be looking for down by the water. I was disappointed to find there were no happy hour specials for us nine-to-five zombies, and the cocktails and snacks were nothing special. But if you’re looking to unwind a bit after work, grab a beer, take a seat (if you can find one), Growler is for you.

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