Forget what you’ve heard: These are our favorite bars in Williamsburg

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I love you, Wburg. Thanks for being fun. #bedfordstop #LTrain

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Once a hotbed of hipsterdom, Williamsburg’s growing pains are now over, and the air of pretentiousness has settled to reveal a wonderland of tourists and yuppies. So, come for the yoga and stay for the booze. Here are seven of the best places to check out in the area.

Skinny Dennis
Address: 152 Metropolitan Ave

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If you roll your eyes when country music songs somehow make their way onto your Spotify list but deep down want to put on your cowboy boots and do a square dance, Skinny Dennis may be for you. This honky-tonk joint is complete with wooden décor, live country jams, and, of course, boozy sweet tea. It’s closest thing to a rodeo west of the East River.

Radegast Hall & Beirgarten
Address: 113 N 3rd St, Brooklyn

what youth (?) | #hard

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Radegast’s sprawling hall, boisterous yet cozy atmosphere and great specials make it the perfect place to plan your future trip to Germany. Stop by on Wednesdays and Thursdays to get a free bratwurst with a liter of their daily special beer or go for a pretzel and a liter of pilsner for under $20 on Tuesdays.

Address: 81 S 6th St

In need of a tropical getaway? Bembe provides a lively atmosphere filled with Caribbean, African, and Latin beats. Live music and a packed dance floor make Bembe perfect for an hours-long party. But you better be ready to shake your hips.

Music Hall of Williamsburg
Address: 66 N 6th St

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It wouldn’t be Williamsburg without indie rock, and the Music Hall is where it thrives. Grab tickets for a band you’ve never heard of, enjoy the sounds, and grab drinks at one of its three full bars.

Maison Premiere
Address: 298 Bedford Ave

Snow can’t stop us! Dinner and drinks served all night. #maisonpremiere #Brooklyn

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Maison Premier is a mix of vibes from Paris, New York and New Orleans that together create an elegant environment. The lengthy menu is filled with delicacies and a variety of oysters but it’s the absinthe served with a sugar cube that’s the staple here.

Larry Lawrence Bar
Address: 295 Grand St

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Larry Lawrence Bar is the kind of place where anyone could write a poem and turn into a regular Bukowski. Its dim, cavernous atmosphere and unmarked door are surprisingly inviting, and it manages to be sophisticated without trying too hard. Not to mention, its sheer square footage and double-height ceilings make for the perfect party venue.

The Four Horsemen
Address: 295 Grand St

What could be more Brooklyn than a wine bar run by James Murphy, the front man of LCD Soundsystem? The wine list is upwards of 30 pages long and is expertly selected to impress, and yes, you’ve seen it in Master of None.

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