The 6 best bars in Sunset Park

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In 2016, the New York Times called Sunset Park “not quite hip.” But what the neighborhood lacks in Starbucks locations, it makes up for with lively bars and cozy taverns. Here’s six of the coolest places to check out, no matter how hip you are.

Bar 718
718 5th Ave

Come here for free popcorn and stay for the hospitality. Bar 718 is a small local gem that proudly offers a pint for the elusive price tag of $3 on Wednesdays. Oh, and everybody raves about their pickle shots.

Filament at the Landing
220 36th Street

With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two full bars, you can pretty much spend all day here. Filament is in the brand new Industry City commercial complex, so it attracts a range of artsy folks that work in the studios upstairs. Plus, it features a shuffleboard and plenty of places to sit down.

Soccer Tavern
6004 8th Ave

With an unassuming name for a small, unassuming bar, Soccer Tavern prides itself on being a genuine Irish pub. Around since 1932, this historic hole-in-the-wall has earned its share of awards and made the list for Brooklyn’s Best Bars for Daytime Drinking by Brooklyn Magazine. If you’re into that, also consider this: free wifi.

100 Fun
932 60th St

If you’re in Brooklyn’s Chinatown, you’re going to have to live that Chinatown lifestyle, which is exactly what 100 Fun is all about. The lounge boasts 45 private karaoke rooms, a selection of drinks and quick bites. Want to have a BBQ party but don’t have a backyard? Have it at 100 Fun’s balcony, and sip on bubble tea while at it.

Irish Haven Bar
5721 4th Ave

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Remember the time when you could buy a pint of Guinness for $3.50 and smoke a cigarette indoors? The folks here do. Other than the laws and the prices (though a beer is still just $5), things haven’t changed much around here. If you’re on the hunt for a no-frills dive bar, Irish Haven might be for you. But be sure to stop by the ATM – it’s cash only.

Brooklyn Hangar
2 52nd St

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It’s not a bar per se but Brooklyn Hangar is about as Brooklyn as it gets. The trip to the warehouse is less than optimal and tickets to its DJ sets are going to set you back a few bucks, but inside, the music is loud, drinks are plenty, and the lights are bright.

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